art by: Jerome Lawrence shadow voices: finding hope in mental illness
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This documentary has aired on ABC-TV, Hallmark Channel and on several cable stations.

Produced by Mennonite Media as a special presentation of the National Council of Churches USA.
Mental Illness:
fighting the stigma...
working for recovery...
finding hope.

We invite you to enter into the lives of persons living with mental illness.

We challenge you to take up the cause of fighting the stigma that they face. 

We encourage you to read what experts in the field of mental health and clergy have to say as they look at recovery and how communities can join in the effort to create a truly healing and hopeful environment.

This website is an extension of the Shadow Voices documentary – with additional interviews, stories, comments and resources. This website is especially helpful for those who:

  • have a family member with a mental illness
  • are pastors, social workers, police officers, or any others who encounter people with mental illnesses in their work
  • wish to be more aware of how to be a support to those with mental illnesses, whether that is a neighbor or a member of your church
  • are students doing research on mental illness
  • are interested in reading incredible stories of courage as people do the hard work of living with and recovering from mental illness

William Anthony We expected people to fail, we expected people to act sick and indeed they failed and acted sick. Now our expectations are very different for people and their expectations for themselves are very different. We find more and people with severe mental illness recovering.
~ William Anthony [Read More ...] [Other Stories]