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Joyce Burland

Joyce Burland
Joyce Burland
Dr. Joyce Burland is the national director of the NAMI Education, Training and Peer Support Center.   
Dr. Burland, a clinical psychologist, authored the NAMI Family-to-Family Education curriculum, a 12-week free peer education program for families which has graduated over 100,000 family members in 46 states, Canada and Mexico. She has written What Hurts/What Helps; A Guide to What Families of  Individuals with Mental Illness Need from Mental Health Professionals, and is the author of the NAMI Provider Education Program, a 10-week course training public agency line staff in skills of family-consumer-provider collaboration taught by a team of family members and consumers.  She is also the author of the NAMI monograph Parents and Teachers as Allies: Recognizing Early-onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents.
Dr. Burland spent many years working in a public mental health agency, and serving consumers and their families in private practice. Her experiences of coping with schizophrenia in her own family over two generations have deeply influenced her understanding of family trauma in mental illness.

NAMI - Family to Family Education Program

Families will say this, "Only illness in the world where you never get a covered dish." There is something about having a mental illness where everything falls away, and what you experience is fear and isolation rather than a sense of people coming towards you.
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