art by: Jerome Lawrence shadow voices: finding hope in mental illness
Stories, Bios & Quotes
Here you will find personal stories, key quotations, and short biographies of many persons interviewed as part of research for the documentary. Some of these stories and persons appear in the documentary, some in the DVDís bonus content, and some only appear exclusively here at the website.

Rosalynn Carter Story or Bio | Quotes
Rosalynn Carter The stigma goes back to the time when we knew nothing about the brain; nobody knew how to treat it. And what people did back then was just hide people, put them out of sight, into those huge institutions; all the states had big institutions. But what has happened over the years now is that we've recognized through research that people can recover from mental illnesses.
Thomas Bornemann Story or Bio | Quotes
Thomas Bornemann There is a considerable body of knowledge now that tells us that even full, robust parity will probably cost less than 1-4% to implement nationwide. The absence of doing that can only be described as discriminatory. We have effective treatments available, we have a lot of people who need these treatments, and unfortunately they can’t get them often because of a financial barrier.
Kari Broadway Story or Bio | Quotes
Kari Broadway I felt that God was abandoning me. I felt he had left totally, you know, why was he allowing all this bad stuff to happen to me? ..I had to come to a realization that God had allowed this to happen in my life. He wouldn’t give it to me if I couldn’t handle it. And I had to move forward.
Lyn Legere Story or Bio | Quotes
Lyn Legere I want people to know that growth happens and recovery happens and it’s never too late. There’s always hope out there.
Ruth Detweiler Story or Bio | Quotes
Ruth Detweiler There’s a sea of dandelions, beautiful dandelions. What a beauty! Somewhere we were taught that dandelions are ugly, they’re weeds. Where did we get this stigma about the dandelions? And it just struck me how a lot of life can have stigma attached to it, just like mental illness.
Steve Garboden Story or Bio | Quotes
Steve Garboden Insurance companies don’t offer better benefits for mental health because they’re not valued by the people who purchase them. If it were valued by people who purchase them, they would be there. So the starting point is to again help people understand the importance of it.
Dorian Parker Story or Bio | Quotes
Dorian Parker I can separate my loved one’s illness from that person. It’s an illness. It is not that person. It’s just like a heart attack. Someone has heart attack, they are not a heart attack, you’re not mentally ill, you have an illness.
Erik Roskes Story or Bio | Quotes
Erik Roskes The reality is most of my patients that I see are not in trouble because they committed violent crimes, they’re in trouble because they committed relatively minor crimes. Minor assaults that didn’t result in an injury, the so-called misdemeanor assaults, theft under $500, things related to their inability to cope with life related to their mental illness, not related to violence.
David Satcher - Former Surgeon General Story or Bio | Quotes
David Satcher - Former Surgeon General The bottom line here is that we have to recognize that just as things go wrong with the heart and the lungs and the liver and the kidney, things go wrong with the brain ... It’s really time for us to respond in a much more sophisticated manner than we have in the past.
Jerome Lawrence Story or Bio | Quotes
Jerome Lawrence Recovery means different things to everybody ... I think that is what my recovery is: understanding the world and how I fit in it and generally how to solve problems, how to solve my own problems.
William Anthony Story or Bio | Quotes
William Anthony We expected people to fail, we expected people to act sick and indeed they failed and acted sick. Now our expectations are very different for people and their expectations for themselves are very different. We find more and people with severe mental illness recovering.
Susan Gregg-Schroeder Story or Bio | Quotes
Susan Gregg-Schroeder There's unfortunately a significant number of our churches that still see mental illness as a result of a moral or spiritual failure. Some see it as having to do with demon possession. People are encouraged to stop taking their medication often with disastrous results. And the churches really are not educated about mental illness, that it is an illness of the brain. That it is a chemical imbalance.
Stan Schroeder Story or Bio | Quotes
Stan Schroeder Supporting someone with depression is really a journey of patience and perseverance in terms of continually asking, what is urgently needed now? What is most needful now? How can I help my spouse obtain what is most needful? What is most important for me to do at this point?
Judy Herbold Story or Bio | Quotes
Judy Herbold Don’t tell me not to ask God why when it comes to my mother. I think, "What a waste. God, what is the purpose of her life?" When you live with a schizophrenic as a young child it is extremely, utterly confusing.
Debbie Miller Story or Bio | Quotes
Debbie Miller "I think it is great for people to simply be available... I think people in congregations sell themselves short of how much of an impact they are able to have."
Ray Guevara Story or Bio | Quotes
Ray Guevara I remember the pastor at one point sitting there and telling me, "Well if you really have faith in God, you don’t have to take medication." I remember the feeling of somehow I’m cheating. Finally I got to a place where God heals through the natural and supernatural. For me right now, he’s choosing to heal through the natural.
Joyce Burland Story or Bio | Quotes
Joyce Burland Families will say this, "Only illness in the world where you never get a covered dish." There is something about having a mental illness where everything falls away, and what you experience is fear and isolation rather than a sense of people coming towards you.
Bob Carolla Story or Bio | Quotes
Bob Carolla "Mental illness is not a struggle between good and evil inside us. It’s a brain disorder. It’s a chemical imbalance. It’s why medication is often the key to really lifting us out of that toxic cloud. But in order to keep going I can’t see how anyone can take on that challenge without faith and flowing of love and trust."
Risdon Slate Story or Bio | Quotes
Risdon Slate "In 1960, there were over 600,000 residents in state hospitals in the United States. Today there are less than 60,000 residents. Where has some of this shift been going? The largest in-patient psychiatric facility in the United States is said to be the Los Angeles county jail... We need to link individuals to treatment, and that just is not being done appropriately."
Patricia Bradley Story or Bio | Quotes
Patricia Bradley "It’s just the same rush rush thing, lets get to the next one. The same old questions like, 'Do you hear voices?' The same old thing liked they’re programmed. You know, like they’re from the book. It’s not like they’re really trying to help you, it’s just what they’ve been taught. Hurry up and get to the next one, we got a lot of people."
Wanda Lindsay Story or Bio | Quotes
Wanda Lindsay "God, is this all there is? Am I always going to be taking medication? Eating TV dinners, rocking on a rocking chair, watching TV? Isn't there ever going to be more to my life again?"
Jay Clipp Story or Bio | Quotes
Jay Clipp "The normal person may have those racing thoughts and emotions, or they may have various stimulus through your ears, nose, your mouth, all your five senses. A normal person is able to filter through all of those things and figure out what is important. For me, I get everything that comes in, all the different senses, and I don't have a filter."
Vernon H. Kratz Story or Bio | Quotes
Vernon H. Kratz People who are ill, sometimes they feel guilty for having this illness... I keep saying this, "But why? Why should you have prevented this? That’s not the important thing. The important issue is now that you have it, what do we do? Where do we go from here?" Develop a care plan.
John Goshow Story or Bio | Quotes
John Goshow "The medications are here to treat the mental illness, now we need to treat also the other side effects of mental illness like no jobs, poor living, that sort of thing. Those are the kinds of things that are emphasized now."
Mark Speer Story or Bio | Quotes
Mark Speer As a peer support specialist, I’m kind of the door-to-door guy, you know. I show up on whatever day, and they finally will answer the door, and it may be as if I’m talking to the wall, but you know for an hour or whatever, it’s like there’s somebody there, somebody that cares about you and it’s somebody that’s prodding you along.
Vonada (Vonnie) Williamson Story or Bio | Quotes
Vonada (Vonnie) Williamson I had to learn to talk to people, that it’s okay to show who I am. I am a person, I ain’t the illness, I am the person. And people love me. You know, they don’t love the illness, they love, me, you know, they talk to me.