art by: Jerome Lawrence shadow voices: finding hope in mental illness
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Charlotte, NC - Mennonite Church Assembly - 7/8/2005

Charlotte, NC - Mennonite Church Assembly
Ruth Detweiler & Steve Garboden

In the middle of the bi-annual Mennonite Church Assembly in Charlotte, NC, Burton and Mary transformed a corner of their hotel room into a mini video studio and interviewed Steve Garboden and Ruth Detweiler.  Steve works at the Mennonite Mutual Aid office in Goshen, Indiana and talked from his experience in the insurance industry dealing with parity issues.  He also expressed his hopes for the role of faith-based communities in providing support to those with mental illness.

Ruth Detweiler is from Akron, PA.  Dealing with her own clinical depression and her son’s diagnosis of schizophrenia, she speaks from personal experience of the stigma so often a part of mental illnesses. She and her husband formed a family support group which developed into No Longer Alone Ministries, a Christian faith-based service provider for individuals who have a mental illness and for their families.