art by: Jerome Lawrence shadow voices: finding hope in mental illness
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David S. Harkins wrote: Overcoming Bipolar Disorder By Working Your Way to Mental Health Even though I lived my youth when persons with mental illness for the most part were segregated out and ostracized from society in large and small "Total Institutions” known as Me... on 7/18/2009 (read more)

Thomas Hopkins wrote: I was twenty-four when my mind finally gave in and broke. I had been self-medicating for a while, with the use of drugs, alcohol, and by inflicting damage to my body. I would take sewing needles and push them through an inch thick layer of skin. I al... on 7/14/2009 (read more)

Andee wrote: The worst part about losing a friend is they usually take a piece of you with them. Slowly they go from friend to enemy. Even after they are gone their problems are yours. The jealousy that confused them, the hatred, they leave you beaten with the holes t... on 5/11/2009 (read more)

it’s a love action
high pristess wrote: it has ichimoni telling of her life before and after she was kidnapped ... on 4/27/2009 (read more)

Seeing the dead
Amanda S. wrote: When I was a little girl, I saw what other could not! I go to school in canton ohio, and living everyday like veryone else. Nobody knows that I can see the dead but some members in my family, and investigators that I have worked with. I live in a house no... on 1/30/2009 (read more)

bill rinehart wrote: hey, biff, I was in worse shape than you, wrote 3 criminal justice books that were all published, and I work now in MH as a Peer Support Specialist. You can do the same-you have the knowledge, experience, education, etc-and your making excuses. Do sometin... on 1/28/2009 (read more)

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